Lenovo T450s Ubuntu 15.04

The Lenovo Thinkpad T450s is quite new. Together with the even newer Ubuntu 15.04 (in my case Xubuntu) it ought to run quite well. I can confirm that it’s “quite” well, but not really well. Please let me explain. Just to be clear: I got my device with Windows preinstalled and installed Ubuntu manually via USB flash drive.

What’s good:

  1. Touchpad and Trackpoint running out of the box really nice.
  2. The display driver seems to be working good. The Display Manager often only shows in fullscreen grey, up until I klick with the mouse. Then everything is fine and I can login. Sometimes when the Login Manager loads, the screen fades away shortly but then again reappears. This is a bit annoying but doesn’t really disturb.
  3. Wired Ethernet working just fine
  4. The device is really quiet most of the time. Only when I run more CPU hungry applications the vent spins up, but not really too loud as far as I am concerned.
  5. The Keyboard mappings are really nice and work mostly out of the box. Keyboard backlight shortcut, display brightness or volume buttons.

Whats not so good:

  1. Wifi
    First of all I have to say that I installed iwlwifi-7265D-12.ucode in /lib/firmware manually.

    1. My wifi is 5 GHz and 2,4 GHz but the laptop chooses to go with 2,4 GHz which is to my surprise only running at 54 Mbit/s. This is what my laptop shows me and my Benchmarks gives me around ~ 10 Mbis/s. I disabled 2,4 GHz completely at my base station and now it’s running really fast. I benchmarked up to ~ 240 Mbit/s. I have to say that I’m running openwrt bleeding edge trunk (chaos calmer) with ath10k. This does not really promise high data transfer rates on the side of the wifi access point though.
    2. When I’m connected via wifi the menu bar’s symbol for the Network Manager is turning as it was searching or trying to connect. It keeps doing this. I don’t care though.
  2. Display arrangement
    I use the laptop with a docking station and when I have the laptop switched on and then connect to the docking station it gets messed up. I have to logout and login again for the external displays to be detected corretly. So better connect the docking station and then start it all up.
  3. DVI and Display Port using parallely doesn’t seem to be working with the docking station. Two external display via Display Port are just fine. I don’t know if it’s supposed to work, but for me it just doesn’t.
  4. The keyboard sometimes really freaks out. Read more – Ubuntu forums.
  5. Docking station audio output does not work out of the box. I experimented a bit with audio settings but I wasn’t able to use the docking stations stereo jack. It seems to always use the laptop’s.
  6. When I quit using the device I just close the top. This doesn’t seem to be such a good idea because the battery drains quite fast in that state. That’s way better with a Macbook for example.
  7. I have bluetooth switched off. Every time I reboot the laptop it’s on again. Somewhat annoying.

Did not test (yet):

  1. WWAN mobile Internet connection